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This is a link to the website from our good friend Barend.  He is not only a very good
tattoo-artist and a specialist in dog portrets. He is more than that. He is lover and a big
fan of our breed.  And that is what you can find back in his work. We like it to have
him as a friend. We want to thank him for the beautyful tattoo's from our dog's that he has made
And also for all the good (rescue and protection)work that he did for the Pit Bull's and other bullytypes in America.
The vet where you can go for any problem. The klinik with the best vets only specialists
 The dutch kennel club
The food that we used in our kennel 
For the testing of L2Hga and Hc.
 Information about the breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier
 Engelse Stafford Bull Terrier Info
     Information about the breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier



Tuesday, 18. September 2018